2024 Annual Dreaming Tree Wine Dinner Recap

Boca Bistro recently hosted its much-anticipated Annual Dreaming Tree Wine Dinner, an evening filled with exquisite flavors, delightful pairings, enchanting music and the warm company of our cherished guests.

The event kicked off with our first course: pan-seared scallops nestled on a bed of sautéed asparagus and fresh arugula, drizzled with a zesty jalapeño salsa verde and complemented by a citrus orange fluid gel. This light and refreshing dish was perfectly paired with the crisp and vibrant Dreaming Tree Sauvignon Blanc, setting the tone for the evening.

For the second course, guests enjoyed a succulent grilled bistro steak accompanied by sautéed broccoli rabe, airy carrot foam, and whipped honey-goat cheese, all garnished with fresh mint. The robust flavors of this course found their match in the rich and bold Dreaming Tree Cabernet Sauvignon, creating a harmonious balance that delighted the palate.

The third course featured a beautiful medley of roasted beets tossed in a delicate rosewater-lemon vinaigrette, goat cheese crumbles, sliced strawberries, and crushed pistachios. Paired with the nuanced Dreaming Tree Pinot Noir, this dish was a testament to the sophistication of simple, fresh ingredients.

Our fourth course showcased house-made ravioli stuffed with Marcona almond ricotta, tossed in a fragrant sage butter sauce, and served with sweet potato purée and crispy fried sage. The Dreaming Tree Chardonnay’s rich buttery notes paired seamlessly with this luxurious dish.

The evening concluded on a sweet note with the fifth course: a decadent chocolate butter cake adorned with a luscious raspberry-chocolate ganache, fresh raspberries, and whipped cream. This indulgent dessert was paired with the smooth and velvety Dreaming Tree Crush Red Blend, which perfectly ended an extraordinary night.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us for this special event. Your presence made the evening truly magical, and we want you to know how much we value your continued support. A special shoutout to our Sous Chef, Tyler Russo, who spent months developing the outstanding menu and served as the night’s Executive Chef. Every dish was indeed a masterpiece. Stay tuned for more exciting events at Boca Bistro, and until then, cheers to great food, exceptional wine, and excellent company!

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