Roslyn Zecchini

Executive Chef

Though Chef Roslyn is a Culinary Institute of America graduate her passion for food and cooking began a young age. Raised in creative and artistic environment by a family genuinely interested in the arts Chef Roslyn spent many hours as a child in a the kitchen cooking and helping her mother prepare meals. It was during high school when Roslyn spent her summers working in the kitchens at one of Saratoga Springs’ most famed restaurants though that her career as a chef began in earnest.

After high school, Roslyn enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and worked through both their culinary program and the Hotel and Restaurant Management program. During this time she traveled and studied in Italy for a year and a half all the while gaining an admiration for the way in which Europeans take great care in respecting native ingredients and how they embraced a philosophy of simplicity when it came to food preparation.

Roslyn worked her way through Italy, spending 3 to 4 months in each of the three fine dining restaurants: Gia Sotto L’Arco in Puglia, where she worked the appetizer and dessert stations; Aqua Puzza in Arezzo, outside of Florence, where she made bread and desserts; and La Loconda in Bergamo, outside of Milan

Upon her return Chef Roslyn began working at former DZ concept Mare Restaurant as a Sushi Chef and soon thereafter as a line cook at the rustic Italian Forno Bistro. It wasn’t long before her originality, enthusiasm and drive in the kitchen earned her the position of Forno Bistro’s Executive Chef in 2008. In February 2009 Pasta Pane in Clifton Park opened with Roslyn as its Executive Chef.

The simple and straight-forward culinary style and appreciation for home-grown ingredients she adopted while in Italy can be seen and savored in the presentation and preparation of every item that leaves Pasta Pane’s kitchen. To watch her work there is no doubt that Chef Roslyn treats food as a form of art and creative expression, nevertheless her greatest sense of fulfillment comes from gratification felt after preparing a meal that people truly enjoy.

Boca Bistro, DZ Restaurants’ newest concept, is a Spanish Bistro and Tapas Bar. Boca Bistro opened on Broadway in Downtown Saratoga in June of 2012 and blends vintage Spanish elements with a distinctive contemporary spirit while embodying the charismatic old-world essence of an authentic Spanish restaurant.

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