Phil Santandrea

Restaurant Manager

Phil joined DZ Restaurants in June of 2014. He has been a part of the management teams of both Forno and Boca Bistro.

From short-order pizza-cook, to dishwasher, bar-backing, bussing and beyond,  there are few roles within a restaurant setting which Phil has not fulfilled. “I just need to keep moving. There’s only been a five-year span of my life when I haven’t been in a restaurant setting. The comfortable chair was cool, but I’m OK with having sore feet every now and then.”

Prior to joining DZ, Phil worked in various roles in one of Manhattan’s finest steakhouses. For the final two years of his tenure, he served as the inventory manager and AM kitchen supervisor. “The three chefs I worked under were hands-down the most passionate, hard-working, and all around great gentleman that I’ve come across. I’m glad that I still get to talk to all of them every now and then. What you think you know about food is very humbling when you see what people with these special talents can create with their hands. They helped me become a true student of quality product.”

Since leaving the kitchen setting and reacquainting himself with the dining room, Phil has upped his beverage knowledge, passing his introductory course and exam for the Court of Master Sommeliers, and working toward his initial and advanced certifications.

Phil’s own passion for learning has translated into cultivating teams consisting of individuals who continually strive to improve. “You should always leave something better than when you found it. I’m not saying any restaurant where I will ever work will be in better shape simply because I was in the building. But If I have the chance to help an individual master a skill-set within their craft, there’s no greater feeling.”

Phil enjoys cartoons and baseball. His favorite ice cream flavor is Crumbs Along the Mohawk.


p: 518.682.2800 | f: 518.682.2801
384 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866